Are SpikyLife products safe?
Yes, they are safe for the general population. The plastic mini-pins are designed to distribute your weight evenly to yield great results in your efforts of becoming pain-free, more relaxed, and energized. If you have any medical conditions, always consult your medical provider for consultation prior to use of SpikyLife products.

How often can I use SpikyLife products?
You can use them as often as you like. Most people use our products once a day, every day, from 20 to 40 min. on average. If you are an experienced user of our products, using them for over 40 min. is perfectly OK too.

Who should NOT use SpikyLife?
SpikyLife products are not recommended for children under 5 years of age, pregnant women, and people with chronic conditions such as low blood pressure, tachycardia, hemophilia, and certain skin conditions ( open wounds, lesions, severe irritations, moles).

Can children use SpikyLife products?
Yes, SpikyLife is safe for children over the age of 5. Always have children use SpikyLife under close adult supervision. Always consult your medical provider prior to use on children.

Can pregnant women use SpikyLife products?
No, unless otherwise specified by a medical professional.

Can overweight people use SpikyLife?
Yes, it’s safe and could be beneficial for the overweight population.

Can I wear clothes while using SpikyLife products?
Yes, you may, especially if you have sensitive skin or are using SpikyLife on your face. However, typically, you’ll reap better results when having direct skin contact with our products.

I don’t  like lying on the floor, can I use SpikyLife mat on my bed or other softer surface? 
Yes, you may. However, you may reap better results when placing SpikyLife products on a harder surface.

How do I clean my SpikyLife?
When cleaning the mat, remove the foam base, and hand wash the cotton encasing with pins in warm water, using a little soap/detergent. Air dry. 

What’s your return policy?
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days, minus the cost of shipping and handling.

Please contact us with further questions, comments, or suggestions!