Alleviate Pain
Consistent use of SpikyLife mat and/or patch has been shown to alleviate transient or chronic pain. In addition to improved blood circulation to the sites of pain, and neighboring sites, there may be other effects contributing to the riddance of pain. The two additional mechanisms contributing to SpikyLife’s capacity to alleviate pain are: endogenous opioids and neural adaptation.


Endogenous Opioid:

Skin compression by SpikyLife’s mini-pins produces moderate pain-like sensation.  The brain responds to these painful signals by producing endogenous opioids.Endogenous opioids (e.g. endorphin) have analgesic effects directed both at the site on the body that was stimulated by SpikyLife as well as other sites transmitting painful signals to the brain.


Neural Adaptation:

Consistent painful stimulation leads to depletion of neurotransmitters involved in transmitting the painful signal to the brain. This depletion of neurotransmitters may help to temporarily alleviate the pain.

Improve Sleep
Many users of SpikyLife products report having better sleep quality. The two main pathways by which SpikyLife is believed to improve sleep are: increased overall circulation and the hormesis-like effect.

Improved Circulation:
Compression produced by SpikyLife’s mini-pins increase blood flow to muscles thus helping them to relax. Getting rid of overall muscle tension promotes peaceful relaxation, therefore readying the body for sleep onset, followed by better quality of overall sleep. Recent research has shown beneficial effect of muscle relaxation on improving sleep and reducing insomnia symptoms.

Hormesis-like Effect:
Hormesis, simply stated, is a biological term for a phenomenon in which exposure to a low-level transient stress produces beneficial effects. For a full definition of hormesis, click here. The skin compression by SpikyLife’s mini-pins produces temporary moderate pain sensation. The mind redirects its attention to the source of pain and is forced to stop internal dialogue, worrying, and recurring stressful thoughts. Research has shown that calming down the mind and freeing it from ever present thoughts and worries improves sleep.

Deepen Relaxation
All SpikyLife users report feeling relaxed after using our products. Over time, energy levels of these users have also improved along with their ability to relax. Two main mechanisms contribute to SpikyLife’s capacity of deepening relaxation: improved overall circulation of blood and lymph systems, and the endogenous opioids pathways.

Stimulation of Circulatory and Lymph Systems:
Compression produced by SpikyLife’s mini-pins improves circulation by increasing blood flow to soft tissues and muscles, which in turn helps the muscles to relax. At the same time as blood circulation improves, the lymph system’s drainage is activated and improved, as both systems run parallel to each other. Both systems are activated through SpikyLife’s compression of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. As a result of the lymph system’s activation, the body’s ability to detoxify, nourish and regenerate tissue, and filter out waste is improved. A well-functioning lymph system also leads to a healthier immune system.