Why SpikyLife?
Modern day demands limit our ability to pay proper attention to our health, fitness, and even mental well-being. Time spent on physical activity and exercise has diminished dramatically within the last hundred years as more and more people lead sedentary lifestyles. Sedentary lifestyle and poor circulation are risk factors for many preventable conditions (anxiety and depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colon cancer and many others). While stimulation by the SpikyLife devices is not a replacement for physical exercise, it does offer a convenient form of improving circulation and lymph drainage while being involved in a traditional activities associated with a sedentary lifestyle (e.g. sitting, reading, computer use and watching TV).

For those of us who are involved in recurrent and active physical activity, SpikyLife devices may help improve recovery time after rigorous exercise.

Mechanism of Action
SpikyLife products’ structure:
The typical SpikyLife mat round stimulators are one inch in diameter (products contain from 50-250 stimulators). Each circular stimulator has 25 plastic mini-pins. The pins press against the skin either by utilizing body weight or in the case of belt or patch - by being wrapped around the body.

Overall Physical Effect
Each square inch of the skin is compressed by 25 plastic mini-pins. As a result, all the underlying (subcutaneous) tissues (such as blood vessels, lymph vessels, muscles, nerve fibers, etc.) are compressed as well, yielding four major effects. These effects are as follows:

1st Effect: Improved Circulation and Lymph flow
Compression of the blood and lymph vessels during the device application dramatically redistributes blood flow. Blood flow is reduced in the regions directly under the mini-pins and is increased in the regions between the pins. Once the compression action of the mini-pins is removed, the blood flow undergoes dramatic change again, with blood rushing to the previously compressed regions. This blood flow redistribution has a number of beneficial effects: improved circulation and local cellular repair as well as improved metabolism and an increase in oxygen supply to soft tissues.

2nd Effect: Pain Mitigation
Local compression by fairly sharp mini-pins causes moderate amount of pleasure-pain at several thousand local regions as well as overall experience of moderate exhilaration and invigoration. There are two likely pathways of how moderate pain may affect physiology. The human body responds to moderately long and lasting pain stimuli by producing endogenous opioids. These opioids (e.g. endorphins, oxytocin, etc.) are released into the spinal cord and the brain and act on opioid receptors,ultimately producing analgesic and relaxing effects. The release of the opioids also promotes the feeling of well being. Another pathway is neural adaptation. The moderately painful sensation disappears within 1-2 minutes after devices application. This desensitization occurs due to decrease in the amount of neurotransmitters transmitting the painful signal. Therefore, consistent application of the device may reduce chronic or transient pain, originating from stress, trauma, or from other pre-existing conditions.

3rd Effect: Reflexive Effects
The compression of nerve fibers by the mini-pins stimulates subcutaneous nerve fibers. This process has an overall stimulating effect of the central nervous system, providing the user of the SpikyLife device with a steady energy level.

4th Effect: Hormesis

The basic premise of hormesis theory is that deliberately exposing a biological system to moderate stress activates homeodynamic pathways of maintenance and repair and promotes health and longevity. The terms stress is defined as a signal generated by any physical, chemical, biological or environmental factor (stressor), which in a living system initiates a series of events in order to counteract, adapt and survive.

One of the best-researched and documented examples of hormesis is beneficial effect of exercise. Exercise leads to production of potentially harmful substances such as free radicals, acids and aldehydes as well as increased oxidative stress (Allesio and Hagerman, 2006; McArdle et al., 2002; Singh, 2002); yet, moderate and strenuous exercise has been shown to improve longevity and health.

Moderate amount of pain experienced in the first couple of minutes of applying circular stimulators is likely to have hormetic effect and activates the body’s internal defense and repair mechanisms.