SpikyLife products may be used all over the body. Place the SpikyLife mat on a flat hard surface. Gently lower yourself onto the mat, get into a comfortable still position, while making sure that your skin is in direct contact with the plastic pins.

If you are new to the SpikyLife products, start out by spending about 5 minutes on the device, gradually increasing your time on it to the optimal 20 - 40 minutes. If you are extremely sensitive it is OK to use a softer surface or a thin cloth between you and SpikyLife devices to get accustomed to the sensations.

To experience the full benefits of SpikyLife devices, it’s best to keep them on hard surfaces, and have them in direct contact with bare skin. Use caution when getting on and off the mat. Do not move back and forth on the mat, as you may scratch yourself.


Here are some of the most popular positions on the SpkyLife products:



Lie down flat on your back and let over 6,000 mini-pins bring you to a state of relaxation, while getting rid of tension and pain within minutes of use. Nerves radiate away from the spine, therefore affecting not just the back, but the entire body. The ultimate feel-good position.


Neck and shoulders:

Place a pillow or a rolled-up towel underneath the mat, and place your head, neck, and shoulders on the plastic mini-pins. Lie still on the mat. This position is excellent for relieving tension in this vulnerable area.


Legs, thighs, and buttocks:

Place this area onto the SpikyLife mat and lie still. Some users report noting a diminished appearance in cellulite and in varicose veins. Others report increased sexual drive. Further research is needed to ensure that SpikyLife products indeed help with these conditions.



Place the mat underneath the stomach area. This is one of the more intense positions, so make sure you have adequate experience with the SpikyLife. The stomach area is more sensitive than the back and leg area, so prepare properly. Experiencing SpikyLife on the stomach area may improve digestion and speed up weight loss processes. Further research is needed to make sure there is a consistent effect on these conditions.



Place a thin cloth between your face and SpikyLife mat, and put one side of your face onto the mat for 5 minutes; then the other for 5 minutes. This position may alleviate jaw tension, teeth clenching, and may improve facial skin tone.



You may stand with your bare feet on the SpikyLife mat, if you are comfortable with doing so. This position may help with improving your balance and stability. This position helps to energize you for lasting effects.

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