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When people first learn of SpikyLife products, most commonly asked questions are those pertaining to acupuncture and acupressure. Is SpikyLife similar to acupressure? Does it work in the same way as acupuncture does? Does SpikyLife use the same principles and mechanisms of action as acupressure? While we can not provide a simple yes or no answer, we can provide a short overview of acupuncture, acupressure, and SpikyLife products from LaRuna Health. The concept of acupuncture originates from ancient China, and has thus been used for thousands of years, gaining more popularity in the modern day and age. Acupuncture’s origins stem from the Chinese belief in the qui energy meridians. These energy channels run throughout the body in specific patterns, and any obstruction in the energy flow through these channels may cause stress, disease, tension, and pain, among other things. Inserting small needles, or applying heat/electrical stimulation at specific points can get rid of the obstruction, therefore improving energy flow which in turn restores healthy balance in the body. Modern day view of the effects of acupuncture is based on science -- basically, the body responds to acupuncture by releasing various chemicals in the spine, muscles, and the brain. These chemicals, through a variety of pathways, may ultimately cause the body to self-regulate in order to get rid of various ailments. Some of acupuncture’s health benefits, among others, include pain alleviation, stress/tension release, improved functioning of the digestive, immune, and nervous systems. Acupressure too, has its origins in Asia, and has been around for centuries. It also uses the concept of specific acupressure points on the body that need to be stimulated in order to produce a number of healthful benefits. Acupressure involves gradual finger massage, gentle or firm, of specific acupressure points. Acupressure can be self-administered or it can be done by a professional. Acupressure boasts a wide variety of healthful effects some of them ranging from boosting the immune function, stress and tension relief to pain mitigation and improved emotional health. Acupuncture always needs to be performed by a professional. Small needles pierce the skin and trigger a reaction on various, specific and non-specific points of the body. Acupressure can be self-administered, but is often performed by a professional as well. Acupressure focuses on specific points on the body for its effects. SpikyLife products, in a way, combine the concepts of acupuncture and acupressure. Small plastic spikes, are somewhat similar to the acupuncture needles, though they do not pierce the skin and do no focus on specific sites of action. The spikes of SpikyLife products apply pressure on the body area in contact, and therefore have effects similar to acupressure. While using SpikyLife, one must remain still on the spikes, so no massaging or moving action should be occurring. SpikyLife works on non-specific sites, unlike acupuncture and acupressure. SpikyLife products can be safely self-administered in the privacy of one’s own home, at any time, for any amount of time not exceeding 1 hour. SpikyLife’s users report experiencing some of the following healthful effects: pain alleviation tension/stress relief improved sleep faster recovery time for athletes To find out more about these mechanisms of action please visit (link to mechanism of actions page).